Signs Of High Blood Pressure

Are there really signs of high blood pressure? If so, then why is it called the silent killer? This article will address both questions.

There are some symptoms that could suggest that you have high blood pressure. Some of these symptoms are headaches, unsteadiness, battering in the ears as well as a blood-spattered nose. Some individuals experience a tiny discomfort in the back of their head. One the other hand, these symptoms do not necessarily mean a person has high blood pressure. For example a person may have an headache or nosebleed and not have high blood pressure

A good analogy would be to say “every rich man has money but not every man that has money is rich.”

People Who Show No Signs Of High Blood Pressure

There are many people who show no signs of high blood pressure. They may be feeling great but during a routine medical checkup find out that their blood pressure is high. Unfortunately many do not find out that they have high blood pressure until they have a heart attack or stroke. That is the reason why it’s called the silent killer. Thus, it is highly recommended that all adults have their blood pressure checked annually.

Preventive Measures

Because high blood pressure rarely has any signs, it is wise to not only have it checked annually but to take preventive measures. These preventive measures include: 

healthy weight control- Being over weight could make you 2 to 6 times most likely to create hypertension compared to maintaining a healthy weight.

regular exercise- Individuals which engage in regular exercise have a reduced danger of obtaining hypertension-- 20 % to 50 % lesser-- compared to folks who do not exercise regularly. You do not need to be a marathon runner to lower your risks. Light tasks, if done daily, can help a great deal.

intake of salt-  Frequently, when folks with hypertension reduce their intake of salt, their blood pressure tends to drop.

If you have to cut down on the salt, you could utilize lots of other natural herbs rather of salt. Garlic, chives, and red onions excel choices. Minimizing the slat is not so bad, merely consider the alternative.

 Don’t Neglect High Blood Pressure

Neglecting high blood pressure is dangerous. It can cause your kidney to shut down, damage to your heart, damage to your brain and damage to your arteries. So the bottom line is high blood pressure if uncontrolled could prove fatal. 

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