One Outlaw Personal Trainer Coming Your Way: Article by by Lynn VanDyke

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The holidays are here and every one has seemingly decided to bail out on their weight loss and fitness routines. Come January the gyms will be packed with those people who decided to make weight loss their New Year's Resolution for 2006. It happens every single year.

Personal trainers count on it. In fact we are already gearing up for the onslaught of the fat loss wars. We are honing our skills and perfecting our payment plans. We are looking at supplements to sell to you and new gadgets to promote. That is every personal trainer except for me!

I am gearing up for something a bit different. I am gearing up to help my clients survive the holiday weight gain and continue their fat loss goals. I am not busy researching the latest diet or buying stock for the latest celebrity trainer book. I am working with the same old basic tools and concepts that have produced results for as long as I can remember.

Below are 4 simple steps you can start using right now or in January. They are not cool or hip or trendy. They are safe, effective and results-focused. They do two things- give me happy clients and give my clients the body they always wanted.

Step 1- Strength Training

Every pound of muscle burns 35-50 calories per day. Adding lean muscle mass is the best way to jump start your metabolism, fight osteoporosis and sustain fat reduction. We want to have lean and toned muscles.

Tool 2- Cardio

Cardio strengthens our heart and lungs. Anything that gets your heart pumping will do: walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming, biking, or house cleaning. Cardio should be done at varying intensity and time levels. Cardio works your most important muscle- your heart!

Tool 3- Nutrition

Nutrition is often the hardest part of fat loss. We simply forgot how to eat well in our culture. We need to eat protein, carbs, and fat to sustain our way of life. Cut one of the three out and imbalances will occur. Eat 5-6 small meals every 3-4 hours.

Tool 4- Rest

Rest is not a luxury. It is a necessity. We should eat well every day and we should workout 5-6 times per week. The leftover 1-2 days are meant for rest. Our muscles need time to rebuild and repair themselves.

These 4 steps are the cornerstone of any fantastic fat loss program. So while all the other trainers are trying to sell you some fancy workout routine that is guaranteed to make you lose 15 pounds in 4 minutes, remember these 4 steps. They will a better job, they will be safer and they will cost loads less!

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