How Important is the Nutrition Labels in the Food Package?

Part of being healthy is being conscious of what you eat and being aware of what is present in the food that you eat. In order to do that, it is absolutely important to read the nutrition labels, also called food labels, that are placed at the back of the packages. 

Mandatory part of food packages

Nutrition labels is a mandatory part of food packages, as prescribed by the law on December 12, 2007, which means that all food companies are obligated to identify and enumerate the nutritional value and ingredients of their product. Nutrition labels are used to give out information about the food with regards to its nutritional value. 

Nutrition labels and disease sufferers

Food labels are important, especially to those who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases and health concerns like obesity. Through the labels, they would be able to regulate the amount of the food that they eat or be informed of the food products that they  shouldn’t eat.

Weight watchers

The labels are also important because through it, consumers can make a comparison of the products that are similar and decide which among those products would benefit them the most. For weight watchers, the  labels would help them determine which kinds of food to consume in order to maintain their weight or to prevent weight gain. 

Lastly, the food labels can be used to determine the products that a person should consume in order to meet the recommended amount of nutrients that he or she should regularly intake. 


Nutrition labels include the list of ingredients used in the product and the nutrition facts table. Some food products also contain the GDA or the Guideline Daily Amounts. The GDA, or Guideline Daily Amounts, is also present in some food products. It is ideally placed at the front of the package so the consumers can read it first. It lists the amount of the main nutrients contained in the product.

It is essential for the food manufacturer to include the list of ingredients of their product because failing to do so would result to a lawsuit. The arrangement of the ingredients in the labels is from greatest to least, which means that the ingredient used most would appear first, followed by the second most-used ingredient, and so on until the least-used ingredient. 

Nevertheless, extra precaution should still be maintained because although the list of ingredients is present, it is not indicated how much of these ingredients are used. Some ingredients also go by several names. 

Nutrition facts table

The nutrition facts table, on the other hand, contains the valuable information regarding the nutritional content of the product. It shows the amount of nutrients that a product contains and the amount of calories in the product. The nutrition facts label also show the serving size of a particular product. 

People would often skip reading the nutrition labels present in the package. Sometimes, they would just skim through it without even trying to understand it. It is essential for consumers, especially health-conscious ones, to read the labels as this would help them pick the right choices of food that they will consume. 

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