The Blunt Truth About Losing Weight: Article by by Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD

Here are the cold, hard facts – whether we like them or not. The findings of 47 separate clinical weight loss research studies involving more than 14,700 people boil down to these 12 statements:

1. The reason we are overweight has virtually nothing to do with diet or exercise, and everything to do with our own unconscious motivations – which are created by our own unique beliefs and attitudes.

2. You are, by definition, not aware of your unconscious motivations. But even so, they greatly influence everything you do, and are much more powerful than your unconscious motivations.

3. So everything in your life that's working (and everything that isn't) has its origins in your own unconscious mind. This is not theory. It has been known and accepted for more than 100 years.

4. What does this mean to you in terms of weight loss? It means that no matter how strong your conscious desire to be fit and healthy may be, if this desire isn't supported by your own unconscious beliefs and attitudes, you are destined to struggle and fail.

5. Trying to overpower your own unconscious motivations with your conscious desires is called "will power." Will power is not only ineffective, it's actually counterproductive. Here's why.

6. Trying to overpower your own unconscious motivations with your conscious desires puts you into a battle against your own deepest motivations. It's like declaring war on yourself.

7. And as you may already have discovered, it's a war you can't win. It's like having your own personal Vietnam conflict going on inside you.

8. So if you have a history of struggling and failing at weight loss, you can be sure that you have some beliefs and attitudes that are silently, invisibly, and powerfully sabotaging your success.

9. Unfortunately, as long as your self-sabotaging beliefs and attitudes remain intact and unchanged, there is no way you can achieve lasting weight loss success – or perhaps any success at all.

10. Obviously, since the root cause of your weight problem is not physical, no amount of trying to lose weight through physical means such as diet, exercise, or even surgery will bring you success.

11. Instead, your constant inner war will only create more stress, struggle, and failure until your unconscious and conscious beliefs are both aligned toward success. No other outcome is possible.

12. Bottom Line: If your present self-sabotaging but unconscious beliefs and attitudes remain unchanged, your chances of enjoying real and lasting weight loss success are essentially zero.

We may not like it, but this is the reality we need to know about and deal with. If you've every wondered why your past weight loss efforts failed, or why it all felt like such a struggle, now you know.

You can try every diet plan on the planet, count carbs and calories until your eyes are bloodshot, and buy every ab flattener and butt trimmer on the planet.

But if you don't do something about fixing your own self-sabotaging beliefs and attitudes, your future will be just endless reruns of your past.

I would much rather my clients know the truth – whether they like it or not – because life is simply too short to waste precious time doing things than can't possibly get you where you want to be.

Wouldn't your time be much better invested in doing what actually works, even is it means learning a new skill or two?

I certainly think so. And you know what? So do my success stories!

Yours in total health,

2005 by Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD

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