Kidney Transplant Donor

Have you ever thought about becoming a kidney transplant donor? Well, on December 23rd 2009, I donated a kidney to one of my brothers who was on dialysis thirteen years.

One of my friends told me that I was a hero for becoming a donor but I do not feel that way. Instead, I feel bless that I was able to give this gift to my brother.

Becoming a kidney transplant donor is a process. The reason for this is because you have to go through a series of tests to make sure you are healthy enough to donate.

The first test was to see if I was a kidney match for my brother. Thank God I was. As a matter of fact, one of the doctors on the transplant team, said that our kidney match was almost like identical twins.

The other tests took months to complete. That was because everything had to be coordinated. For example, there were some test results from my brother that had to be reviewed by the transplant team before I could take some of my tests. Also I had to take time off work to complete some of my tests. Tests included blood work, physical examination, EKG, chest x-ray and test for tuberculosis.

Our transplant coordinator MaryAnn was great. She really made the process a pleasant experience for me. She always had a nice demeanor that made me feel comfortable about the decision I made to be a kidney transplant donor. I remember asking her why they had to run so many tests on me. She said it was because they did not want me to be at risk for anything down the road.

Normal Kidney Function-

Kidneys with normal function can perform the following tasks with no difficulty:

1. Filter waste products and excess sodium from the blood. 2. Produce substances that regulate your blood pressure. 3. Control blood production.

I personally believe that my healthy eating habits which includes juicing, was a major reason why I passed all my tests. Test results showed that both my kidneys were in excellent condition.

Abnormal Kidney Function-

The reason why my brother needed a kidney transplant donor was because his kidneys were diseased. In other words, they were unable to excrete toxins from his blood. If you are a diabetic please take care of yourself and control your blood sugar because diabetes is a common cause for kidney failure.

My Operation-

My operation took about four hours. The surgeon made three incisions. One was right below my belly-button. That was where he took my left kidney out.

After Surgery-

The worst part for me was coming out of the anesthesia after surgery. They tell me that I really put up a fight. I felt very uncomfortable when they woke me up.

When I woke up there was an intravenous (IV) needle in my arm, a Foley catheter (a tube in your bladder to take away urine) and about 5 small bandages.

I forget the name of the pain medicine they gave me. However, they told me it was six times stronger than Morphine. After two days taking this drug I asked them to give me something weaker because it was making me hallucinate.

Home Care-

Being a kidney transplant donor had it's challenges when I went home. You see, for the first time in thirty years I had to give up sit ups and push-ups for a few weeks. I also had to give up my twenty plus years of jogging for about five weeks. My concern was that I would get out of shape. Nevertheless, I did do a lot of walking and watched how much I ate.

In conclusion-

Despite the challenges I faced being a kidney transplant donor, I have no regrets. I thank God that I am just as healthy as I have ever been. I am now running, exercising, and doing all the activities I did before my surgery.

My greatest joy is seeing my bother enjoying life like never before. He looks and feel great!

Kidney Infection Home Remedy

Natural treatment for kidney infection- Kidney infection occurs due to bacterial proliferation. Common clinical signs are burning and itching while urinating and pain in pelvic region. Baking soda, coriander seeds, cranberries and lot of water include the remedies.

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