Know the Heart Attack Signs in Women

Heart attack signs in women aren’t always the same as those that manifest among males.

For example, females do not experience devastating pain in the chest that radiates down in an arm. Still, while most classic symptoms of heart attack may be experienced by females, majority of women experience unclear or even “silent” indications that they may not notice.

Here are the most common heart attack signs in women

  1. Fatigue – certain females who are having a heart attack feel severely lethargic even if they have not moved so much or have been sitting still for some time. Heart attack patients usually complain of a feeling of tiredness in the chest. These patients say that they cannot perform even the simplest tasks, such as walking to the bathroom.
  2. Sweating – one of the most common heart attack signs in women is breaking out in nervous, cold sweat. It will feel more similar to stress-associated perspiration than sweating from spending time outside in the heat or from exercising. If you do not typically sweat like this and there is no other reason for sweating such as hot flashes or heat, get yourself checked.
  3. Lightheadedness, nausea, and shortness of breath – among the most common heart attack signs in women is having trouble breathing for no obvious reason. This particularly happens along with one or more other signs. This can particularly feel like you have run a marathon but you did not even move around your abode.
  4. Stomach pain – majority of people mistake pain in the stomach to be related to heart attack (though there are other reasons for that pain such as stomach ulcer, the flu, or heartburn). In other cases, women suffer from intense abdominal pressure that feels like there’s an elephant that sat on their stomach.
  5. Pain that radiates in the jaw, neck, back, or arms – it’s true that this is among most common heart attack signs in women. It may confuse females who believe that the pain should be concentrated on their left and chest, not in the jaw or back.  The soreness may be sudden or gradual. It may wane and wax prior to becoming severe. It may wake you up when you are asleep. You should inform your physician of any unexplained or atypical symptoms in any part of your body.
  6. Chest discomfort or pain – while this is probably the number one symptom of heart attack, certain females may experience it differently than males. It may feel like fullness or squeezing and the soreness can be experienced in any part of the chest, not just on the left part. During an episode of heart attack, the chest pain is typically uncomfortable. It feels similar to a vise being tightened.

Don't wait to see your doctor

These heart attack signs in women won’t be experienced by all. However, if you are experiencing discomfort in your chest, especially if you are experiencing one or more other symptoms, see your doctor immediately – waiting any longer could lead to the worst possible outcomes.

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