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The Magic Supplement for Fighting Free Radicals By: Ryan Cote. Do you know what free radicals are? You should because they harm your health. Free radicals are the most common cause of tissue damage and free radicals have been linked to every known disease by more than 6,000 scientific st...


The Blunt Truth About Losing Weight By: Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD. Here are the cold, hard facts – whether we like them or not. The findings of 47 separate clinical weight loss research studies involving more than 14,700 people boil down to these 12 statements:


Burn 340 Calories a Day with Aerobic Exercise By: Mathew Bell. Aerobic exercise involves the manner of muscles drawing on oxygen in the blood as well as fats and glucose that increase cardiovascular endurance. Aerobics is done in order to improve fitness, burn calories, shape the body, strengthen physical well-being, and maintaining fitness.


Build Muscle and Boost Your Training Intensity Now By: Gregg Gillies. Build muscle with a unilateral weight training program. Whether you are feeling stale on your current routine or just looking for a way to improve your workouts and start making progress again, unilateral training is a perfect way to increase the results of your training time and help you build muscle.


Why Fitness Equipment Must Be A Vital Part Of Your Health By: Its Kirmani. Fitness equipment is playing a vital role in the National Health Campaign. A successful nation needs healthy citizens. It is no secret that the sedentary lifestyle has taken a heavy toll on the health of citizens.


Workout tip By: Isabelle Berard. Don't be a workaholic. Don't train feverishly thinking that more is better. You're better off easing into the process. Lightly stretch all the muscles then...


Too Much Water Can Kill By: Steven Chabotte. Researchers - studying 488 runners in the 2002 Bost Marathon found that the bigger danger is in drinking too much water (or sports drinks) rather than not enough.


Home Exercise Programs Designed For Weight Loss By: Tina Titas. Regular exercise is critical to your health and well being. why are exercise videos a great option in your home exercise program?


Saunas By : Leon Chaddock. In many cases, saunas are thought to help cleanse the body. Some people believe that they help the body get rid of toxins that are in the pores through sweating.

10. How do I get started doing cardio workouts? By: Bill Nadraszky.The best time to get a cardio workout is in the morning. I myself ride a bike to work 25 minutes each way in the morning and afternoon.

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