Do you Hate doing Cardio? fitness article by Ryan Cote.

I'm very much into health and fitness, but I hate doing cardio- I dread it. When I'm working out in the gym, I find myself trying to justify not doing it. But in the end, I know that cardio is important...

A turning point for me was when I recently came across an article in one of the health newsletters I subscribe to. It spoke about how short, but intense cardio sessions have many health benefits. It strengthens your heart, improves your health....and doesn't damage your body like long cardio sessions potentially can (meaning hurt knees, strained ligaments, etc.)

This is what I now do and results have been great. I run on the treadmill for 25 minutes and it breaks down to such:

* 3 minute steady run * 2 minute fast run * repeat this 3 more times * cool down with a 5 minute walk

I use a treadmill, but this can easily be adapted to any cardio machine.

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