Free Calorie Calculator

An online calorie calculator is a great tool to use if you want to estimate how much calories you need daily to get to your desired weight.

They are variations of these online instruments, however they all basically do the same thing.

Some food for thought when using a calorie calculator

1. Only use them as a guide to get you to your desired weight. They should never take the place of common sense.

2. Never pay to use a daily calorie intake calculator. There are more than enough good free one's, you can use online. Webmasters know that the number one reason you (the web surfer) return to a website is interactivity. That is why many websites (including this one) use what is called traffic magnets as an incentive to keep their visitors coming back. They also tend to keep visitors at their site for longer periods. Why should you pay for this?

Please do not misunderstand me. Daily calorie intake calculators are not gimmicks. They really do work. I agree one hundred percent with Dan Peterson who did the scripting for the calorie calculator for this page. He believes "nothing gets a point across better than a calculated result, that's based on the user's own specific situation -- rather than on arbitrary, generic, static examples."

The gender factor

Did you know that the male body is built differently than a female? The testosterone in a man is what determines the muscle mass. The more muscle mass a man has, the easier, it is for him to lose weight. That's because muscle burns more calories than any other type of tissue.

If you put a man and woman side-by-side, running equal time and distance on a tread mill you will get different results. It is a proven fact, men tend to lose weight easier than women. The reason for this has a lot to do with DNA and hormones. However, I do have a word of encouragement for every woman ready this article. When you start a healthy diet and exercise program stick with it, and YOU WILL lose weight.

Weight Gain/Loss Planning Calculator
This calorie calculator will estimate your daily calorie requirements for losing, maintaining and gaining weight.

Remember, the concept of losing weight is simple…burn more calories than you take in.

Note: To get the most accurate TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) results from this calculator, get your body composition tested and enter your body fat percentage in the optional "Body fat percentage" field.

Your age:
Your height: ft. in.
Your weight: lbs.
Your body fat percentage (optional): %
Your daily activity level:
Number of pounds you wish to : lbs.
Number of to achieve goal:
Daily calories required to maintain current weight:
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