The Benefits Of Juicing

The health benefits of juicing are many. I have been reaping these benefits for over a decade.

Juicing regularly aids in keeping my organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys strong and healthy. Juicing also helps prevent colon cancer and keep the digestive system in tip-top shape. The reason is that they are great suppliers of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Juicing also helps my immune system and promote good-looking healthy skin.

Other health benefits of juicing are flushing out fat and lowering cholesterol naturally.

Number One Cause Of Most Ailments

Take a good look at each of these ailments:

Allergies, anemia, asthma, attention deficit disorder, bad breath, bladder infection, bronchitis, cancer, colic, common cold, constipation, diabetes, diverticulitis, dry skin, eczema, fatigue, fractures, gallstones, glaucoma, gout, heartburn and indigestion, kidney stones, liver problems, lung problems, malnutrition, muscle spasms and cramps, nausea, night blindness, obesity, osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, pneumonia, psoriasis, senility, sore throat, stress, ulcers, wrinkles and yeast infection.

Scientific studies agree that there is a link between diet and disease. Studies also show that a key factor to good health is the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Juicing fruits and vegetables allow these nutrients to go straight to work for you because they enter the bloodstream within minutes after being drunk.

I am not saying that the benefits of juicing are guaranteed cures for the ailments listed above. Juice recipes should be used only as a supplement to a doctor's medical treatment plan. Nevertheless, I believe the benefits of juicing will provide a nutritional supplement to your diet that will lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Jay Kordich

Jay Kordich is a great example of the benefits of juicing fresh fruit and vegetable.

He developed bladder cancer when he was 25 years old and was given one year to live. He says " I turned myself into a 'doctor' whose treatment was 13 glasses of carrot-apple juice every day for two years."

Within the first month of juicing, Jay noticed a great improvement in his body and overall sense of well-being.

Many years have come and gone, and Jay is still enjoying radiant vitality. His book and audio tapes have taught millions (including myself) how to live a healthier lifestyle through the power of juicing.

Be Patient

Remember the old saying, "patience is a virtue." The benefits of juicing do require patience. Juicing is not a magic pill. Therefore, the natural cures they give are not felt right away.

Andrew Weil, MD said "whereas an antibiotic will make you feel better within 24 hours, you might not feel the real, longterm results of healing juices for up to six to eight weeks."


Now if you want to reap the benefits of juicing, you must realize that juicing is a commitment. You should expect to pay $100.00 and up for a good juicer. For tips on choosing a juicer, please visit my Juicing Recipes page. (link will open in new window).

There may also be times when you will not feel like juicing. Even so, always remember the health benefits are worth it.

Nutritional Health Begins On The Inside

I am a firm believer that if you work on being healthy on the inside it will show-up on the outside. Juicing is a great way to do this.

Sometimes when I run into old friends they say " Nehemiah you look so healthy" or " Nehemiah you look younger every time I see you." I believe you would agree that these are two more great benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables... Right? You see, when you juice regularly you are telling old age to wait.

I know a woman who smoked for many years. When she finally quit smoking, I noticed in a short period, the skin on her face look healthier. There was almost a glow to it.

Can you visualize what would happen if more and more people would work on being healthy from the inside out? I can!

The Benefits of Juicing Verses Cooked Food

Dr Charles Klein, a New York nutritionist said "you get far more nutrients per ounce by drinking fruits and vegetables than by eating them. In this way, you improve your health and put a lid on bad cholesterol and high blood pressure."

You might still be saying to yourself “Oh Nehemiah I eat a lot of cooked vegetables with my meal why then should I consider juicing.” Well, allow me give you two reasons:

1. Every cell in your body needs proper nourishment to do it's job. Our cells are supposed to get their nourishment through the food we consume. However, when you cook food at temperatures above 114 degrees, heat destroys the enzymes. (Enzymes are “Naturally occurring chemical substances in the human body that help a chemical reaction take place.”) In other words, enzymes are important because they aid in the digestion and absorption of food in your body.

Now you might be saying... Ok why can't I just buy fruit and vegetable juice at the store...Well, fruit and vegetable juice that’s sold in a shop or supermarket must go through a pasteurizing process before they can be sold to you the customer. The reason for this pasteurizing process is to give these juices shelf life. However, during this process heat reaches about 120 degrees thus destroying the enzymes.

In contrast enzymes in raw vegetable or fruit juices are “live”. Therefore, they can do the job they are intended to do.

2.When you juice, you separate the liquid from the fiber. Thus food value is available to the body in much larger amounts than if the piece of fruit or vegetable were eaten whole.

If you ate one raw carrot, your body would only be able to absorb about 1% of the available vitamin A (beta carotene). That is because most of the nutrients in a carrot are locked in its fiber. However, if you separate the liquid from the fiber, your body would be able to assimilate 90% of the nutrients. Pretty amazing!

In Conclusion

I am not suggesting that fiber is not important. Fiber is an essential. Fiber is one of the key ingredients in preventing colon cancer. Therefore, we should eat high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain. Nevertheless, to me consuming freshly made fruit and vegetable juice is by far the best way to give your body the nutrients it needs for youthfulness and disease-free living.

I truly believe, scientific studies have not discovered all the benefits of juicing. In fact, extracting the liquid from vegetables and, or fruits is still relatively new to most people's diets.

I hope that this site will encourage more of you to start thinking about doing so.

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