Bad Breath

Are you looking for a bad breath cure? Let's face it, know one likes to smell someone else's stink breath. Furthermore, know one likes when their own breath smells bad.

There are many reasons why a person can have bad breath (halitosis). Cigarette smoke, tooth decay, fermentation of food particles in the mouth, sinus infections, and dirty dentures can all cause your breath to smell bad. Garlic can also cause unpleasant odor of the breath. Hence the term "Garlic Breath".

According to researchers, 90% of bad breath is due to bacteria that form under the surface of the tongue. There is a great product that I personally use called Orabrush that easily and safely, removes the source of bad breath on the tongue.

Most people, including myself, feel embarrassed or uncomfortable telling someone that he or she has bad breath. However, it is more of a blessing to tell that person than to talk about that person's halitosis condition. Remember, it's unlikely, a person will get a bad breath cure unless he or she first recognizes they have bad breath.

The easiest way to know if you have bad breath is to ask a friend or family member.

If you want to be more private, lick your wrist and wait about five seconds and then smell it. Another effective way is to take a small plastic spoon and gently scrape the back of your tongue, then smell the spoon.

Other Causes of Bad Breath

Personal experience, have taught me that fasting can also cause bad breath. Unfortunately, it took me years to find this out. Why? Because as I said before, most people feel uncomfortable telling someone that they have bad breath. Thank God someone finally told me.

Morning Breath?

Morning breath is a term used to describe the bad odor that we get after a night of sleep. During the course of a night or day's sleep, your saliva slows down, allowing waste products called Volatile Sulphur Compounds to form in your mouth. This is what gives your breath that unpleasant odor when you wake up.

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