Lund Elliptical Steps: Fitness article by Tim Gorman

Lund Elliptical Steps are a sleek, smooth step rail that fit all types of standard and extended cab trucks and most popular Suvs. They come in 5 different lengths and are custom fit to your specific truck. The different lengths are: * 24" * 54" * 70" * 80" * 90"

Made of rust resistant, heavy-duty aluminum, Lund Elliptical Steps offer a much wider step than the averages side rails. They ensure better footing with non-skid gripper pads as well. These pads are strategically placed underneath each door to provide safer footing for both the passenger and the driver, and work in any type of weather. They come in either a shiny chrome finish or a classy black finish, so that no painting is required. They also come with adjustable end-caps to show a custom fit appearance. Not only do the Lund Elliptical Steps provide added safety, but they also offer a sleek, classy look to any vehicle.

Installation of the Lund Elliptical Steps is a fairly simple procedure. The step rails offer a kit that includes everything you need to bolt what they call EZ Brackets to the frame of your truck or SUV. This Lund EZ Bracket Kit is sold separately and can be purchased where any Lund Products are sold. In most cases, there is no drilling required, depending on the type of vehicle that Lund Elliptical Steps are being mounted on.

Lund is widely known for it's high quality truck add-ons and accessories. Lund Products can be found online or in many truck accessory shops.

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