Diet Soda and Weight Loss

Should diet Soda and weight loss be linked together? A can of regular soda has about 100 more calories than a can of diet soda. Major companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have used this concept to target consumers that are trying to lose weight. If you were on a diet and I offered you a glass of soda with 136 calories and a glass of soda with 1 calorie, you would probably choose the one with 1 calorie. Right? Hence the term "diet soda."

There are many who do not believe diet Soda and weight loss go hand in hand. Results from a study done a few years ago found that there are people who drink diet soda who actually gain weight rather than lose it.

One possible reason for the result of this study is some people treat diet soft drinks as a license to eat anything they want. This of course is an error. In order to lose weight, you must watch what you eat not just what you drink.

A Nutritional View

Here at, we look at diet Soda and weight loss from a nutritional aspect. After all, losing weight is one thing, losing weight through healthy eating habits is another.

So What's in a Can of Diet Soda?

We do not consider diet soda an health food. Common ingredients include artificial flavors, caffeine, acids, preservatives, coloring and foaming agents. As you can see these ingredients are mostly chemicals. In our opinion you're much better off drinking a glass of pure carbonated water. The human body can only take so much abuse and while this may be debatable, artificial chemicals into our bodies day after day will no doubt eventually harm the body.

Healthy Alternative Drinks

We believe a better approach to losing weight is consuming freshly made fruit and or vegetable juice. Remember, plant life is the ultimate source of nutritional value. Try drinking a large glass of freshly made fruit or vegetable juice for breakfast and then have one for lunch. Because they are loaded with nutrients you should feel full all day. Then, in the evening when you get home from work, have a sensible meal for dinner. You should find yourself losing weight in a short period of time.

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